New content!

After the Android release, iOS port, and many changes and fixes, I could finally start creating new content. I had to overcome a bit of a hurdle, though. After months of working on something that was entirely my own creation, it felt like the game had changed owners. With the game installed on thousands of devices, it made me reluctant to change it – a bit scared even. Fortunately, that feeling faded, and I’m happy to announce the first content update for Path of Adventure!

Quest for variety

The main goal was to add variety, so I tried to come up with things that would change the way you play. Much of the new monsters, weapons, items, and spells reflect this goal. For example, a couple of new items substantially increase a stat, but only during a certain move, like fighting bare handed – challenging you to change tactics.

Cursed and enchanted weapons

Enchanted weapons create a new tension around weapon slots. These weapons improve a certain stat as long as you carry it, so if the enchantment is beneficial enough, you might end up walking around with a weapon that is of itself useless. Or, you might choose to not use a certain weapon, even though it would be effective, because you want to preserve its enchantment.

Cursed weapons introduce another interesting twist; they decrease a stat and cannot be dropped. Suddenly, you’re walking around with a weapon you want to get rid of – wishing for a demon to come up and take it, or spider webs where you can hack at endlessly. Cursed shields stimulate to block instead of dodge, and to try to extend the fight for as long as possible.


The witch-queen adds another layer of variety. Instead of having to traverse into caves (which were pretty much the same as dungeons), you’ll be charged with a little quest. These quests require you to present something at a specific point on the path – ranging from a certain amount of treasure, to being poisoned, or having a breaking weapon. Now you find yourself walking around ruins hoping for snakes to bite you, or an Armored Worm to wreck your weapon.

I hope these changes add the variety and complexity that the earlier version of the game was lacking. I’m aware there’s still a ton of possible additions, but I hope this is a good step forward. As always, thanks for playing and please feel free to share your experience! 

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